Production, Tom Zhu, New Radars

This week was marked by important information about the manufacturer Tesla, but which did not deserve a dedicated article in the current state of the information collected. We invite you to read about the themes below because they are important and we will be hearing more about them in the coming weeks. It’s Tesla’s global production, the appointment of the next Tesla CEO and a look back at the issue of speed cameras.

Production record or flop?

You can sometimes read very serious topics about the state of production in the world and specifically in China. This data is followed closely by all investors who may have the interest rate up or down on the stock market $TSLA. It is therefore speculation or rumor not based on any official data. Nevertheless, the topic is divided among the biggest investors. There was talk of shutting down the production line at the Gigafactory Shanghai in December after a record production month in November and an uncertain economic context.

It is true that Elon Musk criticizes the FED for a lot of things at the moment and that he is eager to highlight an unfavorable macroeconomic context and a severe recession in 2023 instead of reassuring with information about the production of Giga Shanghai.

The annual trend continues in favor of a new production record. The annual investor meeting, which will allow us to know the production figures precisely, should be determined January 2023.

Who is Tom Zhu, the engineer who will replace Elon Musk?

Before I give you some elements of Tom Zhu’s CV, I would like to explain why his name stands out now. We are in a context where the acquisitions of Elon Musk are extremely monitored, and the board has asked for commitments about the future of management.

Tom joined Tesla in 2014 and oversaw the design and build of Giga Shanghai. Tom Zhu, a longtime Tesla executive, is at Austin with a team of engineers to lead the production of Giga Texas and make some changes.

It is this last move that has many close to considering the VP as Elon Musk’s potential successor. It’s certainly a practice where the goal is to restore the much-appreciated management of Giga Shanghai, and probably also to ensure that Chinese production is not disrupted by its remote location.

This executive is currently responsible for Tesla’s Asia-Pacific region, which includes Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

After Criticizing LIDAR, Tesla Backs Down?

That’s what some sources seem to indicate. Elon Musk is a strong proponent of AI and Tesla Vision, its self-driving system. Nevertheless, it seems that the abandonment of radars poses a problem for the authorities in certain countries, which may require them as part of the implementation of autonomous driving. Indeed, the regulator would not be in phase with regard to the adequacy of cameras to support 100% autonomous driving.

Then the customers, and this is probably the point that can change Tesla’s mind. In fact, many people use radars to park or check the presence of an object in front or behind. Some lament a sort of step back from their previous vehicle.


All these subjects must therefore be “continued”. Nothing to confirm at the moment, but we believe they will dictate the directions for the next few weeks.

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