Putin’s campaign destroyed by Elon Musk’s Starlink according to an American general – La Nouvelle Tribune

The offensive in Ukraine experienced an unexpected turn for the Russians after the entry into play of star link ofElon Musk. This is essentially the message that a high-ranking American wanted to convey in confidences made to several American media including Politico. Starlink, the satellite Internet service of SpaceXplayed a crucial role in the defense of Ukraine according to an American general.

According to US Brigadier General Steven Butow, permanent internet access despite attempts to cut Ukraine off the web enabled the army to be able to receive crucial coordinates and repeatedly bomb the Russians. He also did not hide the communication campaign that President Zelensky led with brio, which not only gave hope to his troops, but made it possible to garner support abroad and the continued shipment of military equipment that followed. ” The strategic impact is that he totally destroyed Putin’s information campaign… He (Putin) has never, to this day, been able to silence Zelensky Mr. Butow said.

Words confirmed by the principal concerned himself: “ It helped us a lot, in many times related to the blockade of our towns, villages and related to the occupied territories… the people who came out of the occupied towns, where there was no assistance like Starlink, said that the Russians had told them that Ukraine no longer existed, and some people even started to believe it. I’m really grateful for the support from Starlink Zelensky told Wired magazine in an interview. As a reminder, at the end of April, a Pentagon official claimed that Starlink had repelled a Russian attack. “Starlink had suspended a line of code and fixed it” the day after news of the attack emerged. “The way they did this made me cry. »had entrusted the director of electronic warfare for the office of the Secretary of Defense to discuss the effectiveness of the measure of Starlink.

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