Released from police custody, the Gardois will be tried for serious abuse of his animals

In the town of Junas, animals were left in a catastrophic state at a private home. The latter, released after his police custody, will be tried on September 12.

A mare, two donkeys, two sows, but also twelve hens, seventeen pigeons, a duck as well as fifty goats and unsheared sheep, all in a catastrophic state, were seized from a private individual on Thursday June 9 on the commune of Junas, specified the parquet floor of Nîmes.

“In this case, the facts fall under the offense of serious animal abuse and not simple mistreatment”specifies a magistrate of the parquet floor of Nîmes, while all the seized animals handed over to the Society for the Protection of Animals were all malnourished, in the presence of corpses of their congeners and, for some, in enclosures that were too small.

An overwhelmed owner ?

Alerted by local residents, the Sommières gendarmerie ended up taking an interest in the fate of the animals of this unemployed fifty-something with a clean criminal record.

“A man living with his dependent mother over eighty years old, in a semi-autarky and who seems to have been overwhelmed by the management of his breeding, neither declared nor controlled for exclusively food purposes”, specifies a source.

Placed in police custody, the defendant was released after his hearing. He is summoned to court on September 12.

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