released in 2020, a monstrous specimen weighing 650 kg and 4 meters long resurfaces (VIDEO)

A titanic shark has been sighted off the coast of Florida. Preliminarily marked, this sea monster emits a signal as soon as it approaches the surface.

OCEARCH, an NGO which regularly conducts research on sharks, indicates that one of its beacons has just detected the presence of an imposing shark near Port Sainte-Lucie, in the south-west of the United States.

The animal had already been captured in 2020

While human-shark encounters are common in Australia, other countries like the United States are no exception. Indeed, it is possible to come across sharks off the coast of Florida. And if shark attacks remain extremely rare in reality, it is still best not to swim near one of these predators.

Sharks are however misunderstood and suffer from a bad reputation, which the NGO OCEARCH tries to clear with its work and its pedagogy. Regularly, OCEARCH organizes expeditions aimed at tagging sharks, in order to follow and understand their movements. This is how in 2020, the Organization captured, marked and released Breton: a shark who would box in the heavyweight category.

Breton, a 4 meter shark

Thanks to this beacon, we know that Breton was not far from Port Sainte-Lucie on Monday June 6, at 11:40 p.m. For information, Breton (which was so named because it was detected for the first time…around Cape Breton) is a shark measuring 4 meters and weighing a whopping 651 kg !

What was he doing so close to shore? A priori, he was simply hunting. But not without humor, a user claims that he uses the tag to “draw” a shark ! It’s true that the shape of its path strangely resembles that of a shark…

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