Rouen. This chef offers his Asian cuisine at home before opening his restaurant

Chef Hugo Picard offers his cuisine with Asian flavors in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) before opening his own restaurant. (©Gin Kmitsune)

Great lover of JapanAsian flavors and culinary creation, the young Chef Hugo Picarda.k.a Kmitsune Ginoffers his home cooking at Rouen (Seine Maritime). An intimate and friendly adventure, in which he develops his universe while waiting to be able to open his own restaurant.

ramen specialist

“I don’t come from that world, but we’ve always cooked in my family,” says Hugo Picard, who belatedly made a vocation of this hobby. Self-taught, he decided in his twenties to start “with a very basic cooking training”. First as a clerk All Sport Cafethen as chef in the Italian restaurant Kissafter extensive training in the kitchen during the confinement with his relatives as guinea pigs.

At the same time, he created an Instagram account presenting his creations. And it is clear that they are at the antipodes of Italian cuisine! His specialty is ramen, a traditional recipe based on variations of noodle broths. “It’s the concept of a dish that nourishes well. It’s all in there! “There is obviously the broth, the homemade noodles, the protein, a seasoning and a “topping”.

The passion for this dish has grown even more since a first trip to Japan with a friend. “I was lucky enough to eat at the best ramen restaurant in Kyoto. It became my point of reference. I’m proud of what I send, but until I get to that, I know I still have work to do. »

“The quality of the restaurant and the comfort of home”

Hugo Picard’s cuisine is not limited to ramen alone. “I am a very curious person. Three quarters of my ideas are inspired by things that I have seen and that I redo in my own way, by crossing recipes or creating associations of tastes. Right now I’m interested in cooking koreanbut also peruvian (nikkei) or even to tastes caribbeans. »

For the moment, the chef prepares his dishes for individuals who open their kitchens to him within a radius of 15 to 20 km around Rouen. “It was the natural transition for me before having my own restaurant. From two customers, and ideally for “four to eight people”, he comes with his preparations to “send quickly” and concentrate on the minute preparations and the presentation.

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Two “mid-range” menus, between 60 and 75 euros are offered. A third around 50 euros is being developed. “The idea is to offer the quality of a restaurant with the comfort of home. I like the contact with the customers, the exchange around the kitchen and the recipes. “Gin K” should still find “the adrenaline of the service rush” in the future. He would even have a lead for his future local. More information is to come on his social networks.

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