Saint-Omer: Christmas markets forced to remove goldfish from their stands

An animal protection association attacked the duck fishing stand at the Saint-Omer Christmas market. The reason: the presence of goldfish, which, according to the association, were offered or sold. But the law forbids it. Showmen removed the cyprinids to avoid trouble.

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An animal protection association, Paris Animals Zoopolis (PAZ), is upset about the sale of goldfish at the duck fishing stand at the Christmas market in Saint-Omer. ” One of our local members noticed the presence of these goldfish, they were given as a giftsays someone at PAZ. As soon as we had this information, we immediately contacted the Town Hall and the Departmental Directorate for Land and Sea (DDTM). “The emails were sent this Monday, December 12th.

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Based on the legislation and especially on the rural area law (article L914-7), PAZ condemns the presence of these goldfish sold for payment or for free ” because they are pets and this practice is prohibited in markets or fairs or in any circumstances not dedicated to animals “, we reveal within PAZ. She asked to have the fish removed as soon as possible. At the Christmas market, the manager of the stand is a little amazed, she defended herself from offering them. ” I sell them, but I
didn’t know goldfish were petsshe claims. In pet stores they have the right to sell them; and we don’t even if they are sold in small aquariums and they are not stored. »


The fairgrounds, irritated by the situation, ends up letting go: ” We are not against the law. If we have to remove them, we will, but what am I going to do with these fish? The first deputy in charge of security, Frédéric Sablon, went to the Christmas market in the late afternoon: I asked the showmen to remove them. She will do it he says. The case is therefore closed.

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