She buys a dog from a pet store and later realizes something is wrong

She buys a dog from a pet store and later realizes something is wrong

Fortunately for this pooch, he fell into the right family.

It all started in June 2016 when Jennifer Osborne and her husband wandered into a pet store and crossed paths with a few-month-old puppy named Moose. In just 5 minutes, the couple decides to buy it! It’s only a few months later that things will get complicated…

A dog like no other

Growing up, Moose had many problems: seasonal allergies, but also constantly watery eyes and especially a misshapen head.

Not knowing absolutely what to do, Jennifer Osborne then makes the decision to turn to the pet store for information and advice. On site, he is simply offered a refund, without giving details about the dog and his health.

“The seller has indicated that he will not take any more puppies from this breeder who has had other problems. All the puppies from her last litter are dead…”

Soon after, Moose began having seizures: “He had foam in his mouth, it was terrifying. I yelled at my husband to call the vet. »

Fortunately, the veterinarian was able to help Moose, but this did not reassure his masters who decided to return to the pet store for information on the health of Moose’s siblings.

Unfortunately, on site the director of the pet store and the sellers refuse to give information and add that they have already reimbursed the dog so do not want to hear about it anymore.

dog love

Finally, Jennifer Osborne discovers after several weeks of research that Moose’s condition is due to poor breeding practices in her breeding. Upset, Moose’s owners swore they would never take animals from pet stores again even though they love their dog more than anything.

“Fortunately he is with us because another family could have decided to abandon him because of his many problems. »

It must be said that Moose costs its masters more than 1000 dollars a year. A low price according to them as the doggie is faithful and affectionate on a daily basis.

In short, a successful meeting.

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