Survey: Tesla and Nissan have the most reliable electric cars

Electric cars are still a relatively new technology. The manufacturers who have the most experience in the field are also the ones who produce the most reliable models according to the American site Consumer Reportsan important benchmark in the industry.

Based on numerous data and surveys conducted with tens of thousands of owners to find out the various problems, breakdowns and issues encountered with their vehicles, the website team is able to provide a good portrait of their real reliability and prospects.

Tesla and Nissan in the lead

The Tesla Model 3 is second among the most reliable new electric cars, followed by the Nissan LEAF in third place. The Kia EV6 crossover arrives first, but as points out Consumer Reports, there is still a lack of time and information to confirm with confidence that this Korean model is indeed more reliable than all the others. All three are also electric cars, which the organization recommends.

Photo: Tesla

Tesla and Nissan’s expertise is built on years of manufacturing, while other automakers starting to launch electric models still have a learning curve to overcome, whether it’s engines, batteries or the charging system.

That said, Tesla’s other products have a less stellar reliability record—even the Model Y crossover, which is very close to the Model 3 sedan. On the Model S and Model X side, the air suspension makes life difficult for some owners, notes Consumer Reports. Note that none of this is about the electric powertrain.

And the others?

In addition to the first three places on this ranking, we find, in order, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 (as new as the EV6, with which it shares its platform and technical components), the Tesla Model Y and the Ford Mustang Mach -E.

Photo: Antoine Joubert

The latter, on the other hand, no longer appears on the list of vehicles recommended by Consumer Reportswhich cites issues with recharging, heating (validated by the team of Car guide) and especially the multimedia screen.

Finally, at the bottom of the ranking we find the Chevrolet Bolt EV (including the new Bolt EUV model) and the electric Hyundai Kona. Of course, their poor rankings are largely due to the battery problems that have manifested to date and the occasional fires that have resulted in tens of thousands of units being recalled for battery replacements.

note that Consumer Reports leaves out several models, including the Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-PACE, MINI Cooper SE and Volkswagen ID.4, all of which rank below average for reliability.

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