You’ll soon be able to play Steam games in a Tesla

electric cars You’re here have a powerful on-board console and even more with the new generations of its vehicles. By integrating an AMD platform integrating a RDNA 2 GPUsit has the graphic power of a game console. Playing on the on-board screen is not new and helps pass the time when charging the electric vehicle, … Read more

Tesla plans to build a lithium refinery in Texas

US electric vehicle maker Tesla plans to build a lithium refinery in the Gulf Coast region of Texas and is seeking tax breaks to complete the project. In an application package sent to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts at the end of August and made public on Friday, Tesla says it wants to “process … Read more

Tesla Android Project brings Android Auto and CarPlay to Teslas with two Raspberry Pis

Tesla Android is the name of a project that aims to bring CarPlay and Android Auto to cars designed by Tesla. As you know if you have followed our series on the manufacturer, the company offers its own operating system in its vehicles and it is as complete as it is closed. It makes no … Read more

autopsy of an emperor 2.0 who knows no bounds

The creator of Tesla and Space X, incidentally the richest man in the world, is the subject of a portrait on RMC Découverte this Monday at 9:05 p.m. Alexander the Great and Genghis Kahn would no doubt have envied him. Because Elon Musk, the richest man in the world with a fortune estimated at 300 … Read more

Tesla Generates Record Q3 Profits on Strong Sales

The company had already announced that it had delivered a record number of 241,300 vehicles over the period. Electric vehicle maker Tesla posted record profits for the third straight quarter as Elon Musk’s group managed to ramp up production despite logistical challenges plaguing the auto sector. Read alsoTesla’s brilliance benefits a myriad of start-ups The … Read more

Tesla owner decides to blow up his 2013 Model S after the exorbitant cost of repairing it

A Finnish Tesla S model 2013 owner, called Tuomas Katainen, decided to blow up his Tesla after being shocked by the cost of repairing his vehicle. According to Katainen’s statement, after consulting with a mechanic regarding the condition of his vehicle. They claimed that the only way to fix his Tesla would be to do … Read more

Tesla stock split explained

Tesla’s current stock split took place on August 24 after the market closed. (Photo: 123RF) The electric vehicle maker began to propose the possibility of a split earlier this year, and shareholders approved it during the company’s annual general meeting on August 4, 2022. The shares will be split on a three-for-one basis, meaning investors … Read more

Elon Musk gives details about the android Optimus

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] humanoid robots Humanoid, android or gynoid robots: what’s the difference? No time to read? Check out the podcast from which this article is taken. © Futura A tweet posted on June 3 by the multi-billionaire indeed suggested that a first functional prototype could be presented on September 30, … Read more

Tesla would generalize the touch buttons on the steering wheel instead of levers

When Tesla presented its new Model S and Model X at the beginning of 2021, much was said about the “Yoke” steering wheel, focusing largely on its atypical shape. Instead of the round steering wheel that we know well, the exclusively electric manufacturer offered a steering wheel cut in two, but the biggest change was … Read more