Tesla becomes an electricity supplier by selling and buying energy from Powerwall owners

Tesla was a car manufacturer, it is now also an electricity supplier. But not for everyone: Tesla Electric will, at least initially, be content with selling and buying energy from Powerwall owners.

Tesla Electric is adding a new string to the automaker’s bow. It can actually supply electricity to the Powerwall, these big batteries that can power not only a car, but also the whole house. Powerwalls can store not only energy from the traditional grid, but also that generated by solar panels installed on the roof.

Sharing of green energy

Tesla Electric offers a new option: the energy accumulated by all members who have subscribed to this formula can recharge the Powerwalls at the most convenient time. The Powerwall is actually able to decide when to draw electricity from Tesla Electric and when to resell that generated by the user’s solar panels.

As the company explains, it is “ maximize the value of solar energy while using Powerwall storage to add more renewable electricity to the grid “. The idea may actually be interesting, especially from a financial point of view of saving on bills. At least it is in line with one of its goals, which is to become ” a global clean electricity supplier “.


Tesla Electric has started its offering in a few cities in Texas, a US state in dire need of a major overhaul of its energy supply model. The manufacturer also wants to expand its offer to all of Texas, the United States and more broadly everywhere in the world where possible.

Tesla had already experimented with a similar formula to support traditional suppliers that struggle to produce enough energy in times of scarcity, especially in California. Tests that have visibly met their goals.

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