Tesla forced to offer car computer upgrade after false advertising

Tesla has announced that its cars are fully compatible with self-driving features for years now, but the manufacturer has always asked customers to upgrade their cars to the latest hardware.

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Since 2016, Tesla has announced that its vehicles have ” all the necessary equipment to become completely autonomous and receive future updates. However, it seems that the manufacturer always asks its customers to have the latest hardware update for its embedded computer to have access to the latest driving assistance functions, including FSD (Full Self-Driving) in particular.

To keep its promise, Tesla had previously offered a free on-board computer upgrade to all owners who ordered the “full self-driving” package, which is now offered for $15,000. All drivers with vehicles purchased after 2016 were therefore not eligible for it, and today do not have the necessary equipment to test the manufacturer’s fully autonomous driving.

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Tesla charged for the on-board computer upgrade

A few months ago, Tesla launched a $199-a-month subscription that allowed owners of the company’s vehicles to try FSD functionality, which promises Level 2 assisted driving. upon subscription, customers were asked to update their car to the latest version of the on-board computer.

As a reminder, the new “hardware 3.0” on-board computer is as powerful as a PS5, but has had the effect of slightly reducing the vehicle’s autonomy due to the high consumption of the new AMD Ryzen chip. This new version of the hardware costs no less than an additional $1500but the price was finally reduced to $1000 recently.

This therefore appears to go against Tesla’s promise to upgrade hardware for free if necessary to achieve the self-driving capability promised since 2016. A customer has therefore filed a complaint against the manufacturer for false advertising, ending up with winning the case after Tesla failed to appear to defend himself. The judge therefore forced Elon Musk’s company to update the complainant’s embedded computer for free.

Following the success of this lawsuit, we should see other owners suing the company for a free on-board computer upgrade, and it is expected that this will eventually become free for all.

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