Tesla FSD Beta against unprotected left turns with Chuck Cook [VIDEO] – TeslaNorth.com

Photo: Chuck Cook

Full Autonomous Driving (FSD) System Beta 10.69 You’re here was highly coveted and received largely positive reviews, after CEO Elon Musk called the update “great” last month.

Chuck Cook’s Unprotected Left Turn Test put the latest FSD beta through its paces on Monday. FSD Beta was released early Monday morning (late Sunday PDT).

In the video, Cook pulls up beside a busy six-lane split-road to turn left, unprotected, on the furthest side of the street. The result is a set of succinct turns that Cook calls “one hundred percent” performance – especially compared to previous tests of the maneuver.

Cook mentioned that the initial creep was a little uncomfortable, but everything else about that unprotected left turn was flawless, despite the heavy traffic.

Tesla said last week that FSD beta would begin rolling out for those with security scores above 80, while 10.69.3 would roll out after AI Day.

HAS New York Times The reporter also took a look at Tesla’s FSD 10.69.2 beta for an upcoming article. At the end, he said he felt comfortable and confident that the car was not going to cause an accident.

You can watch the full video of Chuck Cook’s unprotected left turns in medium to heavy traffic below.

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