Tesla is gearing up for the return of a must-have feature with its Christmas update

After nearly a year of torment, Tesla owners seem to have gotten Elon Musk’s fast to listen to reason. The next update actually marks the return of features that had been removed. Let’s check in.

If Teslas are generally valued for their onboard software, all is not rosy. In fact, updates do not necessarily rhyme with an addition of functionalities: sometimes some disappear to the chagrin of the owners. For the famous Christmas 2022 update, it seems that the manufacturer has heard the complaints of customers, as it backtracks on certain points.

Fuel consumption and tire pressure maps are back

Before the end of 2021, it was possible to check the consumption of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y at a glance, as well as the tire pressure. Small maps were visible at the bottom left of the screen, and by sliding from right to left, the driver could display one or the other piece of information.

Then comes the Christmas 2021 update, which completely overhauls the graphical interface, for better or for worse. Among the notable disappearances, you will have understood, are information regarding consumption and tire pressure. It is now necessary to navigate through the menus to find your consumption, which is anything but practical.

Consumption cards are displayed by swiping to the right

Many drivers have been raising their displeasure with the parent company for many months, to no avail. The hope of seeing the small consumption cards reappear was dwindling by the day, but it is clear that Tesla has taken into account this return, as they are again present with the 2022.44.25 update.

Some additional news

In addition to the return of these maps of consumption and tire pressure, we learn via the release notes that Tesla South Korea has shared that the view of the media player changes. It will integrate the small cards that you can see in the picture above and will therefore be much more compact.

The new navigation interface at Tesla

The navigation has also been overhauled as its interface has changed. There is now one separation between lane change indications and upward directions and trip summary below (battery level and arrival time).

Finally, the interior camera can now be viewed from the mobile app when guard mode or dog mode is activated, and the turn signals will automatically be disabled when the vehicle detects that a lane change has been completed. Something to please motorists before the year 2023.

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