Tesla is installing a swimming pool near its Supercharger charging stations

A welcome novelty in the heat of the summer. Tesla has installed a swimming pool at its electric car charging site in Hilden, Germany. The small pool thus rubs shoulders with the company’s Supercharger terminals, reports Electrek.

The swimming pool was inaugurated on August 4th. It was made with what seems to be a container, easy to transport and therefore to move. Tesla stamped balls are even available to motorists to play in the water, notes Capital.

Comfortable charging stations

Tesla’s goal is to allow EV drivers to keep busy while their car charges. In early August, the American automaker also unveiled Tesla lounges, offering food and coffee, where motorists can sit and relax.

The Hilden Supercharger site is the largest in Germany. It has 40 terminals in total: 8 Superchargers up to 150 kW and 32 others up to 250 kW. It’s the first station to open to non-Tesla vehicles, and it’s equipped with solar panels and surrounded by restaurant signs.

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