Tesla Semi – PepsiCo, its first customer, doesn’t seem quite convinced of its real autonomy

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Pepsi seems to doubt the Tesla Semi’s autonomy with its full charge. The beverage giant does not use the electric truck for its long trips with large loads.

For months, we’ve known that PepsiCo is one of Tesla’s biggest customers for its Semi. The soda maker is already using the electric truck, having found 36 examples in California.

Its Sacramento site has received 21, while it currently runs 15 around Modesto. And when we say “around”, it’s because Semi doesn’t make long trips with heavy loads.

PepsiCo fills the trailers for Semis to the maximum when they need to transport light products such as chips. Tesla’s electric trucks, on the other hand, are only used for short trips to transport soft drinks.

This is what the Vice President, Mike O’Connell, confided. The director explains that the company limits the Semi trips when it is full. However, Elon Musk recently assured that he can travel 800 kilometers with the maximum load.

“PepsiCo’s new Semis can transport Frito-Lay foods approximately 680 km”O’Connell said. “But for heavier loads of soft drinks, the trucks will make trips of around 160 kilometres. ยป

We can therefore wonder if PepsiCo would prefer to limit the risk of seeing one of its trucks break down, at least while the drivers get used to this new vehicle. No doubt the comments on the actual range of the Semi at full load will soon be the subject of comment.

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