Tesla: six months after Paris, a second “crazy car” observed

Six months after the serious Tesla accident in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, a car of the same model is at the origin of a new chaotic scene. In Ohio, USA this time.

Several surveillance cameras captured a horrifying scene on May 4. It shows a 2020 Model 3 car from the Tesla brand, rushing straight into the Congress Center of the city of Columbus, in the United States.

Carried by a speed reaching 110 km / h, the driver who miraculously escaped unscathed, explained to the police officers that the brakes of his car no longer responded.

Loss of control

A problem similar to the drama that took place on Avenue d’Ivry on December 11. As a reminder, a taxi, Model 3 Tesla also, had embarked on a mad race, causing the death of one person and injuring twenty people.

At the wheel, the driver had testified that after detecting a strange noise, his vehicle had started to accelerate on its own and that the brake pedal no longer responded.

If until now, no other fatal accident like that of Paris has been recorded, the car manufacturer of Elon Musk is not at the end of its sentences, since other cases of loss of control of Tesla vehicles, were observed.

According to Presse Citron, Tesla said “analyze the specific data of its cars to know the detailed course of a crash and to deduce if the manufacturer was responsible or not”.

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