Tesla will offer a 1 TB external SSD, for the modest sum of 350 dollars

That’s more than three times the price of certain SSD models that aren’t branded Tesla. However, the company promises an “automotive-grade” SSD that should offer an extended temperature range and good shock and vibration resistance.

The Holiday Update now allows Tesla Model S and X 2022+ owners to play Steam titles from their car’s infotainment system. They can start sessions on the vehicle’s massive 17-inch central screen or, for rear-seat passengers, on the 8-inch screen. With its theoretical power of 10 TFLOPS FP32, equivalent to the PlayStation 5, the integrated AMD Ryzen SoC, supported by 16 GB of RAM, must ensure good gaming conditions. There is still the problem of storage: most Tesla vehicles offer a 128 GB USB key as standard For those who would like to install a large number of titles, Elon Musk’s company will offer an external SSD of 1 TB from February And if it is possible to get this kind of product for less than 100 euros, Tesla will sell its own for 350 dollars.

On the company’s website we can read about this SSD: “Save everything. From Tesla arcade games to Dashcam footage, our 1TB SSD hard drive allows you to store all your vehicle data in one place. This automotive external SSD is designed to withstand extreme cabin temperatures, vehicle shock and vibration. With an extended lifetime compared to similar storage devices and game-optimized read/write speeds, the Solid State Drive supports Steam games.”

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An external “auto class” SSD, useful in a Tesla?

As you’ll have noticed, the company doesn’t communicate any concrete data and only talks about an “automotive-grade” SSD, designed to “withstand extreme cabin temperatures” and survive “vehicle shocks and vibrations.”

A company like Micron offers SSDs designed specifically for vehicles and industry. These support a wider operating temperature range than consumer SSDs, ranging from -40°C to +85°C / 105°C. They also benefit from better resistance to shock and vibration.

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In practice, a lambda model of SSD is quite capable of withstanding the vibrations of a moving vehicle on the road. As for the operating temperature ranges, they are generally between 0º to 70ºC. Even if you leave the Tesla in direct sunlight or snow, the temperature inside the cabin is unlikely to reach such extremes. The only critical time could be in the summer, in very hot weather, with a vehicle parked in direct sunlight. Under these conditions, the temperature inside the cabin can apparently rise to 65 or even 70°C. From there to justify the acquisition of such an SSD, moreover at this price, everyone will make their own opinions.

Sources: Tesla, Micron, via Tom’s Hardware US

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