Tesla’s electrical terminals installed in the Cora Rocourt parking lot

Since last Friday, 16 charging stations for electric cars have therefore been available to motorists who come to park in the hypermarket’s car park. “Already in 2014, Cora Rocourt was a pioneer by installing three charging stations for electric cars in its parking lot,” says the brand’s communications manager. “Today, Cora is upgrading in this area with 16 new Tesla terminals. An installation of such a scale is unique in Liège, right up to the German and Dutch border. Tesla superchargers will satisfy not only TESLA brand drivers, but also drivers of all other electric vehicles. »

A positive step for Cora

This news on the Cora Rocourt site adds to the positive and ecological approaches that the brand has taken to reduce waste, fight food waste and promote the circular economy. “These virtuous challenges are the subject of many measures that CORA Rocourt has carried out in recent years, such as: installation of 2,500 solar panels, renovation this year of all the fresh departments to significantly reduce electricity consumption, refrigerators and redistribution of unsold products to local associations. In this way, the sign avoids waste and overloading of waste from perishable products. »


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