Tesla’s navigation system takes into account third-party charging networks

Third-party charging stations now appear in the Tesla navigation system! Motorists therefore benefit from better information, although the manufacturer could go even further.

Tesla recently announced that third-party chargers will be automatically added to the navigation system found in the manufacturer’s cars. Until now, drivers had to make do with the brand’s network of Superchargers, and for some months with Ionity stations. The company’s announcement will therefore multiply the places where it is possible to recharge a vehicle.

The travel planner currently excluded from this news

However, not all stations will be referenced. Tesla has implemented performance and reliability standards with the goal of ” ensures a smooth charging experience for its users. These standards used in Europe include compatibility with at least one charging socket, frequent use by Tesla drivers (at least every four days) and an average charging success rate of 90% or more. Conditions to be met over a period of 60 days.

The manufacturer will also detect unusable chargers if one of the following conditions was met over a 14-day period: no charging session recorded or a charging success rate of less than 70%. In addition, Tesla reserves the right to change these terms at any time. For France, this news already allows multiple networks to be present directly in the navigation system, which will avoid using a dedicated mobile application.

On the other hand, Tesla did not go so far as to integrate these stations into its trip planner, where only Superchargers are taken into account. This may eventually happen one day, but for now you’ll still need to use other planning services that are more open than the builder’s.

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