Tesla’s third-largest shareholder wants Elon Musk to step down as Tesla’s CEO

Tesla has many shareholders, more or less important. One of them, the third largest to be precise, believes that Elon Musk has left Tesla and should be replaced as CEO.

We can say that Elon Musk is talking about him at the moment. Between his takeover of Twitter, his repeated statements on his social networks and his actions in the stock market, he doesn’t miss a single one. And it’s indeed the stock market we’re talking about today, as one of Tesla’s shareholders, the third largest with $3.6 billion in stock, has just made a shocking statement, saying that according to him, Musk would have left Tesla.

These are shares that Elon Musk sold during the week. But we’re not talking about a few dozen stocks, no. The CEO sold $22 million worth of Tesla stock, earning him $3.58 billion in the process. A smooth affair, which did not please Leo Koguan, Tesla’s third largest shareholder.

An upcoming layoff?

Koguan was not a dead hand at tweeting “Elon ditched Tesla and Tesla has no active CEO. Tesla needs and deserves a full-time CEO”. The man who was usually full of praise for Musk seems to have changed his tune. In another tweet, he also recalled that he added $500 million to support Tesla’s share price on the stock market, while the CEO sold as much or more shortly after.

We know very well Musk’s love for the stock market, a love that can sometimes even resemble an addiction. The man knows how to pull strings to encourage people to buy or sell this or that action. But this time, some speculate that the American billionaire sold all those shares to finance his takeover of Twitterwhich still cost him a pittance of $44 billion.

In any case, there is very little chance, if not none, of Elon Musk being removed from his position as head of Tesla. On the other hand, he just lost the support of Koguan, who has been called Musk’s fanboy on numerous occasions.

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