Tf1: Audience record for the Argentina/France final

( – More than 29 million viewers watched yesterday’s World Cup final between France and Argentina, enabling TF1 to reach a historic audience, across all programs and channels combined.

The football match, which ended in triumph for the Argentines, gathered 24.1 million viewers and up to 29.4 million viewers at the height of the match, the TV channel said today.

Among the woman in charge of household shopping under 50 – the famous ‘housewife under 50’ – the front page achieved a viewership of 85.9%.

Among the 15-34 year olds, its viewership even peaked at 90.5%.

The full ‘last special’ day, which TF1 offered yesterday, also had a record day since 2006 on its main targets, placing itself clear in the lead, notably with a 44.5% viewership share among women under 50.

Following those announcements, TF1 shares rose more than 1.5% on the Paris stock exchange on Monday, compared with a rise of about 0.5% for the Paris market as a whole.

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