the driver files a complaint against Tesla France

In December 2021, a taxi driver lost control of his Tesla, causing a fatal accident in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. He is now filing a complaint against the American manufacturer.

Four months ago, the driver of a Paris taxi from the G7 company had lost control of his Tesla Model 3causing one death and around twenty injuries in the streets of XIIIth district of the capital. The driver, who was off duty but with his family, filed a complaint against Tesla France Friday, March 18 for “endangering the life of others”, according AFP.

Man charged with manslaughter

A investigation is still ongoing to determine the responsibility of each actor present that evening. The man driving the Model 3 was indicted for “manslaughter and involuntary injuries by land motor vehicle. »

The Tesla was driving at more than 100 km/h in the streets of Paris, before hitting a traffic light, then a cyclist, to come crashing into a glass container, which exploded, throwing very sharp debris on passers-by. According to the driver, the brake didn’t work and the car got packed alone.

Tesla has always denied a technical failure

For its part, the Californian manufacturer has always categorically refused the hypothesis of a technical failure of his vehicle. The brand had announced that it would make available to investigators all the data she could salvage from the crash.

Tesla does not necessarily need to go on site to analyze vehicle information. A lot of data is accessible to him remotely. The Taxi G7 company had, for its part, ordered a time the layoff of all its drivers who own a Tesla Model 3. It is now up to the courts to decide.

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