The end of the quarter at Tesla will be “crazy” to compensate for the closure in Shanghai

At Tesla, deliveries are often concentrated at the end of the quarter, which makes the exercise particularly intense. So when grains of sand come to stop the machine, it further complicates the task of the teams.

While traditional manufacturers deliver almost continuously, Tesla has always operated with waves of deliveries. From wavelets, before the arrival of deliveries of Model 3 and Model Y, the manufacturer has moved on to breaking waves, which are sometimes a logistical headache. Deliveries are generally concentrated at the end of the quarter, with the aim of delivering as many customers as possible in order to post good quarterly results to investors.

The multiplication of Gigafactory Tesla should make it possible to attenuate this wave effect, limiting groupings in shipping cargo ships, but this is not yet the case. Elon Musk has just warned his employees that the next end of the quarter is likely to be “crazy”, according to comments taken up by on June 8, 2022.

Why does the end of the quarter promise to be lively for Tesla?

An employee asked Elon Musk when the situation was going to change. Elon Musk’s response is: “Chas been a challenge since the end of 2008. There’s always something going on that makes the end of the quarter crazy and this quarter won’t be an exception — mainly because we’ve had this huge challenge with the COVID restrictions in Shanghai. The Shanghai plant was closed for much of the start of the quarter. Only now is it back to full production. The situation will be quite intense this quarter. »

It was quite predictable that the closure of the Gigafactory in Shanghai, due to the confinement imposed by China for almost a month, was going to cause this mass effect when the vehicles finally produced were shipped. There are many European customers waiting for the delayed delivery of their China-made Model 3.

Towards the end of bulk bulk deliveries?

To smooth deliveries, however, the production of the Gigafactory in Berlin would have to ramp up, and above all that it could also develop production lines for other models. Because, as long as new vehicles are delivered by cargo from a Gigafactory on another continent, we will probably always see this bottleneck effect when vehicles arrive in Europe.

We will therefore have to wait a little longer, before we no longer see Teslas invading all the car parks near the brand’s service centers at the end of the current quarter. There will certainly still be deliveries in large halls to be able to debit a maximum of deliveries, in a minimum of time.

Even if Tesla will certainly not beat its delivery record for this quarter worldwide, we can certainly read after July 1 that Tesla will again have sold the largest number of electric cars in Europe in June. It’s quite easy to post such figures, when we don’t deliver vehicles in other months.

We quickly notice the absence of the American manufacturer in the rankings of electric car sales before the end of the quarter, like the TOP 10 of electric car sales in France for the month of May (according to the AAA Data ranking, press release to Numerama):

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