The first Supercharger V4 station will open in Arizona!

Superchargers have always represented considerable added value for Tesla customers, which the firm has made available to them in the form of Supercharger stations. The American company has striven over time not only to increase the availability of its charging points, but also to make possible an increasing number of fast recharges. These efforts have been made possible through Tesla’s commitment to environmental responsibility. With the Supercharger V4, the company is thinking even bigger.

Presentation of the device

So it seems that the first Supercharger V4 station, whose arrival has been rumored and discussed for some time, is about to take shape. According to various sources, the development would take place in Yuma County, located in the state of Arizona. The chosen area will host the next location of a Supercharger V4, as evidenced by photos shared on Twitter by a Tesla loyal and which show a construction site.

Visual of the new Supercharger v4 (source:

It will be a large location with 40 parking spaces, two solar panels for every 4,500 square feet in size, and a Megapack. The chosen location is a former vacant lot, near the Dateland Travel Center, along Interstate 8.

Solar panels will be put to good use in Yuma, Arizona. Indeed, the city receives only 3.5 inches of rain per year, and enjoys a very present sun every day of the year. These two factors make Yuma the ideal place for the installation of solar panels.

In addition, the Tesla Megapack, which will be installed on the site, will use sunlight to store considerable amounts of the newly produced energy. According to information on Tesla’s website, each individual Megapack unit has the capacity to store over 3 MWh of energy. This amount of energy is enough to supply electricity to an average of 3,600 homes for one hour.

New generation

It wasn’t until 2019 that the Supercharger V3, the version of the Supercharger currently in use, was released. Its power is 250 kW. It seems to be expected that the new Supercharger will have at least 300 kW more charging power than its predecessor. The new Supercharger will therefore be significantly more powerful than its predecessor, offering new perspectives to the network, in particular concerning the arrival of the Tesla Semi.

Despite the fact that the power of the Supercharger V4 will be increased, the engine architecture will not be changed at all. The drawings show that it will have the same basic shape as today, the only difference being that the nozzle will be located on the outside of the device, as opposed to the hollow interior where it currently sits. This is the only change that will be made to the design of the device.

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