The herd of sheep in the town has disappeared, a search notice launched

A dog not kept on a leash attacked Monday the herd of sheep which was eco-grazing at the level of the park of Grande-Jeanne at Semnoz, in Annecy (Haute-Savoie). Since then, the ten ewes and the two lambs of the communal livestock have not been found, reports France 3 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

Two sheep recovered

Two first beats were organized the same day, which made it possible to recover two ewes. A third beat is due to take place on Thursday. In the meantime, the municipality launched a search notice on Tuesday. The sheep that fled are of the Thônes and Marthod breed, have white and black wool and have identification rings. One of them is completely black.

Walkers who see the lost herd are invited not to approach it and to immediately contact the animal handler (at or the general guard (at The municipality also reminded that dogs must always be kept on a leash in the Grande-Jeanne park as well as outside the forest paths from April 15 to June 30, under penalty of a fine.

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