The neighbor’s dog is killing my chickens, what should I do?

Your neighbor’s pet has found a new game: your chickens. Why is he behaving like this? How to stop him from approaching them? What are the means?

Are your chickens quietly stretching their legs in your garden? Be careful, these can quickly arouse the interest of several four-legged animals. Actually, if it is the neighbor’s dog or a stray dog, canines pose a potential danger to your chickens.

Why does the neighbor’s dog attack my chickens?

Dogs are playful by nature and are happy to chase chickens for fun. However, since dogs are more robust and powerful than chickens, they can easily injure or even accidentally kill them by biting or crushing them.

In addition, the dog naturally has a hunting instinct. Even if this one is domesticated, it will have the reflex to go towards the Gallinaceae. This instinct is all the more pronounced in hunting dogs such as the greyhound and Brittany Spaniel or terriers such as the Jack Russell terrier and Scottish Terrier.

How do you stop a dog from attacking chickens?

If it’s a puppy, you can socialize it, gradually get it used to living with the chickens, respect them. Accompany him by putting him in a harness so that he learns not to make sudden movements: this is part of his apprenticeship, of his training. You can also raise your voice so that he understands that his behavior is not correct.

If it is an adult dog, patience will be required, but little by little the result will be decisive in most cases and depending on the dog category. If your efforts are not enough, a dog trainer can come to help.

The best security for your chickens remains a secure and closed enclosure that does not allow another animal to venture there. Is your chicken coop safe enough? Check that a gap has not formed between the two properties at the level of the fence, or that the predator has not dug the ground to pass under the fence. In this case, repeat it and make turns regularly. A fairly high and deep fence will restrict the dog-neighbor from coming.

You can also stay present when you let your chickens roam outside the coop to keep an eye on them and thus ward off any unwanted guests.

The neighbor’s dog is killing my chickens, what remedy?

It can happen that a dog causes material and sometimes bodily damage to a third party.

  • Amicable solution and request to be more careful

You can initially have a cordial talk with your neighbor so that this event does not repeat itself in the future.

According to Article 515-14 of the Civil Code, in force since February 18, 2015: “ Animals are living beings. Subject to the laws protecting them, animals are subject to the property regime. »

  • Report from a professional

You can have the circumstances surrounding the hen’s death or injury confirmed by a professional, e.g. a veterinarian, and provide eyewitness accounts if there were people present at the time of the events.

From a legal point of view, every owner of an animal or the person who has custody of it has an obligation to supervise it and is held responsible for it and its actions. In fact, according to Article 11243 of the Civil Code: The owner of an animal, or the person who uses it while it is in his use, is responsible for the damage caused by the animal, regardless of whether the animal was in his care or that it was lost or escaped. »

Its civil liability will be involved even if the animal escaped during the period of damage. Liability is included in the multi-risk home insurance contract signed with the insurance company, according to certain contracts and companies, and according to the conditions under which the damage occurred (professional activity, sports, etc.).

It is also possible, depending on the dog’s category and the insurance company, to take out a specific insurance, called civil liability privacy. It is advisable to check that this guarantee is written in black and white in the contract.

  • Complaint for stray animals to the police court or the gendarmerie

A dog is considered ” hike » if he is considered to be in one of these three cases, according to article L. 211-23 of the rural district law: « Deemed to be in a stray condition any dog ​​which, except for an act of hunting or guarding or protecting the pack, is no longer under the effective supervision of its master, is out of hearing of the or any sound instrument permitting its recall, or which is far away from its owner or from the person responsible for it by a distance of more than one hundred meters.

Any abandoned dog, left to his instincts alone, is in a state of wandering, unless he took part in a hunting action, and it is proved that his owner has not refrained from making every effort to find him and restore him. , including after the end of the hunting campaign. »

  • The intervention of the mayor or the prefect

Pursuant to Article L211-11 of the Rural Code, If, taking into account the conditions of its keeping, an animal is likely to constitute a danger to people or domestic animals, the mayor or, failing that, the prefect may order its owner or keeper to take measures to avert danger.

He can as such, after the behavioral evaluation of a dog carried out in the application ofarticle L. 211-14-1require its owner or holder to follow the training and obtain the certificate of fitness prescribed byarticle L.211-13-1. »

The responsibility of the owner of the engaged dog, the compensation is up to the damage suffered, according to the terms of the insurance agreement. It is possible that the owner of the dog offers another hen or to find a financial agreement. If he does not have insurance, the owner will be obliged to compensate you himself for the damage caused by his animal.


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