the news to remember this Friday, October 28

The main news to remember to start this Friday, October 28 in Aisne, Marne and Ardennes.

Seissigma, a Maisons Pierre franchisee, liquidated

The Commercial Court of Soissons placed the company in compulsory liquidation without continuing its activity. In addition to the hundred jobs lost, this liquidation concerns 420 households which planned to build a house in one of these three departments. 260 sites are on hold and nearly 120 applications are pending.

Covid long: they testify

According to a study, the risk of developing a long Covid is 22% higher in women than in men. Testimonials from two Marnaises and an Ardennaise.

Exceptional diving in the heart of the slate quarries of Fumay

The three divers who undertook a first exploration in May have returned for a new descent into this slate quarry that has been submerged since 1930. The extraordinary images of this dive can be found right here.

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