the Pairi Daiza animal park is participating in a world premiere this Saturday!

The Spix’s Macaw is a relatively small (between 50 and 60 centimeters) and light (less than 400 grams) parrot. Hunted by man, victim of the destruction of its habitat, the Spix’s Macaw disappeared from its natural environment in 2000. The species is officially declared “extinct” in the wild. Twenty years after their extinction, the Spix’s Macaws have returned to Brazil.

The dream of Pairi Daiza and his partners at the ACTP (Association for the Conservation of Endangered Parrots) in Berlin is on the way to success. Indeed, it is this Saturday evening that the final phase of the project takes place. “Eight parrots will be released from their aviary,” said Sven Watthy, spokesperson for Pairi Daiza, to HLN.

It will be a world first. Never in fact has human beings succeeded in reintroducing a species of bird extinct in the wild.

But let the Belgian public be reassured, the Aras are not going to disappear. “We have around twenty Spix’s Macaws in Pairi Daiza and only two are visible in the park to the public in order to protect them and also so that they don’t get used to human presence”, explained Tim Bouts, director zoological, from Pairi Daiza last April.


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