the party’s over, prices are rising again at Superchargers (update)

A week after the plunge, kWh prices at Superchargers rise sharply. The principle of off-peak and off-peak times is maintained.

(November 30th article, update below) And here’s our weekly update on the prices charged at Superchargers! These rates are changing for the third time in three weeks in a row. And it’s a bit of a yo-yo, which should confuse those used to these ultra-fast charging stations. Tesla had explained to us that they adjust the prices according to the electricity prices.

As a reminder, prices had fallen slightly in October after rising at the start of the school year. Then they crashed on 23 November. For a week, with a subscription, the kWh cost, according to Supercharger, around 34 øre in the low season and around 38 øre in the peak time. Before it was 59 and 66 øre. Rush hour corresponds to the period from 16 to 20, where Tesla wants to encourage its customers not to charge during this window when the demand for electricity is high.

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Tesla had assured us that it was not some kind of promotion during the Black Friday period. But now the prices have already been adjusted up! According to a member of our forum, the low cost price starting Wednesday, November 30, depending on the terminal, will vary between 41 and 46 cents per flight. kWh with a subscription. In rush hour it would be between 46 and 51 øre. Without the subscription, the prices seem to be around 62 and 70 øre per kWh.

Update December 7

This is confirmed, prices at Superchargers now change every week! After the sharp fall on 23 November, then the increase on 30 November, here is a new small increase on 7 December with around + 5 øre per kWh, whose prices vary according to the terminals. With a subscription, the price per kWh in the low season is around 47 øre. During rush hour, from 16 to 20, it is about 53 øre.

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