The Recap: NFT Factory, crypto-trading at N26, Aptos launch…

Canal+ integrated NFT and metaverse; Aptos throws his blockchain; the NFT Factory opens in Paris; N26, Plaid adopt the crypto and MasterCard prepare the banks… Back to thenews of the week.

The cryptocurrencies, an asset like the others? The offers of trading have been widely democratized. Reserved for a time for specialized platforms or a few neobanks like Revolut, they have since developed significantly. This is particularly tangible among the fintechs.

Since autumn 2021, Lydia has been offering trading in partnership with Bitpanda. Digital assets are an investment product, just like stocks are more traditional products. Also with Bitpanda, N26 positions itself in turn. A few years earlier, online banking was planning to acquire the crypto brokerBitpanda confirmed to us by email this week.

Banks and fintechs: same crypto fight

The crypto is gradually becoming part of the standard offer of fintechs, all over the world. In Latin America, Nubank, a popular mobile bank that already offers crypto-trading, is now planning to launch its own token on Polygon, the Nucoin. Ironically, the company counts among its main investors Berkshire Hathawaythe company of billionaire Warren Buffett, historically anti-bitcoin.

In another segment of financial services, Plaid presented its first native crypto tool this week. Called Wallet Onboard, it makes it easy to connect hundreds of wallets like Metamask to decentralized apps. The traditional banks will have to accelerate to avoid being left behind by more agile fintechs. MasterCard proposes to help them in this on the retail market thanks to an association with Paxos.

NFT Factory: the French NFT showcase

In the presence of a minister, the NFT Factory opened on October 18 to the press, a few days before its opening to the public (October 22). Announced earlier this year, the NFT Factory is both a place, located opposite the Center Pompidou, and the beginnings of a real ecosystem in France.

The NFT Factory is at the crossroads of entrepreneurship, technology, business and art. It will offer weekly free workshops to visitors, as well as paid training to acculturate to Web3, both individuals and businesses. The challenge: to develop a new economy in France.

For Jean-Noel BarrotFrance has what it takes to become a European and even global hub for NFT. In the media, several companies are making their mark, like Webedia on the Web, and Canal+ in the audiovisual sector.

Millions, L1 blockchain and token… for a mixed start

Aptos already looks like a giant, at least financially. During the first half of 2022, its founders, former Meta employees, raised $350 million in two funding rounds. They promised a launch of their blockchain during the year. It’s done.

The project aims to provide a scalable and high-performance blockchain environment focused on games, social networks, media and finance. Its mainnet is based on the AptosBFT consensus and compatible with Move, a new programming language. But in terms of tokenomicssome voices are already being heard.

On the networks, the blockchain is referred to as the “VC blockchain” because of the share of APT tokens allocated to investors. The startup specifies that their tokens, as well as those of the main contributors, will be blocked for 4 years.

Gold on the blockchain… and it’s not Bitcoin

And if in the future gold and Bitcoin, often put in competition in the storytelling of crypto influencers, shared the same property? This point of convergence could be the blockchain. And why not ? With the tokenization and security tokens, the giants of traditional finance are preparing the management of traditional financial assets on the public blockchain.

historical asset, gold could also benefit from embracing these technologies. This is in any case the position defended by a London lobby of minors. London is an important market place for gold trading. With Gold 247, the World Gold Council so wants reform the gold market. But to succeed in this revolution, it must convince the big banks, reluctant to endanger their domination.

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