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The Tesla Model 3, presented in 2017, is approaching its retirement age. A rumor that is confirmed with a camouflaged prototype.

Launched to much fanfare in 2017, the Tesla Model 3 opened a new chapter in the brand’s history: it promised all of the brand’s know-how in a smaller and more affordable package than the Model S. Needless to say, Tesla was right with this model continuing occupies the top steps of the podium in terms of sales. Despite the model’s good commercial health, the time for renewal is approaching.

This was reported by Reuters a few days ago, stating that the Highland project is on the way. According to the financial newspaper, this internal codename would characterize the next version of the Tesla Model 3, which would then benefit from new manufacturing processes.

A lightweight feather duster for the Tesla Model 3?

But the Tesla Model 3 could also benefit from a mid-career restyling, like what has already been done to the Model S. A rumor that has been growing more and more online since posting on Twitter of photos showing a camouflaged Model 3 in an anonymous parking lot in Santa Cruz, California.

Although light, the restyling will allow the Model 3, which does not know the crisis, to revive even stronger than ever. New features are also expected inside, although this prototype was identical to the existing vintage. Still a little patience therefore: Production will be launched in Shanghai in the third quarter of 2023, according to Reuters.

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