The Rings of Power: Elon Musk gets loose on the Amazon series

The series-event “The Rings of Power” began on September 2, 2022, and has so far convinced the public. With the notable exception of Elon Musk, boss of Tesla, SpaceX, and chief Twitter braggart. Indeed, he gave his opinion on the series of studios owned by Jeff Bezos, and he did not go with dead hands.

The Rings of Power : the series “The Lord of the Rings” is a hit

It was one of the most anticipated events of the year, and its launch did not disappoint. Series The Rings of Powera creation that takes place in the universe of Lord of the Rings – major literary work by JRR Tolkien then monumental trilogy of cinema directed by Peter Jackson -, has been broadcast since September 2, 2022 by Amazon, which produced it, and success is on the way. Indeed, the critics are seduced by the means implemented – approximately 450 million dollars for the first season -, and the ambition of the show.

In terms of figures, it’s time to celebrate since more than 25 million viewers sat in front of The Rings of Power on launch day, establishing a record for Amazon Prime Video.

The Rings of Power ©Amazon Prime Video

The story of The Rings of Power move away from the events and characters of the two well-known trilogies, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, going back in time. A series that takes place several millennia before Frodo’s quest, during the Second Age of Middle-earth. An adventure that begins when Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) loses a loved one. After a long journey trying to annihilate the forces of darkness, the heroine in search of revenge is advised to lay down her arms by Elrond (Robert Aramayo) and High King Gil-Galad (Benjamin Walker). She refuses, convinced that evil is still present and that the fragile peace is about to falter.

A story that has so far found and largely convinced its audience. With the exception, of course, of a few, including the very famous Elon Musk. Indeed, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX and incidentally the richest man on the planet expressed on Twitter all the bad he thought of it.

Elon Musk: ‘Tolkien is turning in his grave’

Entangled in his failed attempt to buy Twitter, Elon Musk has not deserted the platform. He continues to have a great time by posting tweets on just about anything and everything. And difficult most of the time to distinguish between the serious and the trolling. But this time, regarding The Rings of Powerit’s crystal clear: he didn’t like it. At all.

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