the shelter tells them some news they find hard to believe

They bring a kitten in danger

On June 18, the True Rescue shelter located in Tennessee in the United States published an extraordinary message on the social network Facebook.

Rescuers at True Rescue said a couple brought them a kitten they found in their backyard on Friday (June 17).

The kitten is in danger

The couple asked the rescuers at the shelter if they could urgently accept this little stray kitten.

But when the shelter’s rescuers examined the kitten the couple had brought them, they realized that it was not a kitten… but a little Bobcat!

The couple were shocked to hear the news.

Wildlife specialists take over

Only 30 minutes after the arrival of the little feline at the refuge, it was one of the volunteers from the specialist wildlife center Walden’s Puddle who came to take over to take care of him.

The lynx will receive all the necessary care before it can be reintroduced into the wild when it is fit enough.

The shelter concluded its Facebook post on a humorous note: “Never a dull moment at True Rescue. Of course, this kind of discovery does not happen every day!

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