The Tesla tank will scare everyone

Tesla Model T, that’s the name of this strange electric car equipped with real tracks and a chassis that will scare other motorists.

Tesla manufactures cars of all kinds: sedans, SUVs, soon a real pick-up and even an authentic supercar with the Roadster that everyone is impatiently waiting for. But for the moment, the Californian manufacturer does not produce tanks, even if the fertile imagination of Elon Musk can sometimes give birth to projects as crazy as that.

But you are not dreaming, the Model 3 visible in the video below looks more like a real tank than an automobile. It was transformed in this way by the Youtubers of The Real Life Guys who had fun sticking huge caterpillars to the peaceful electric sedan. Tracks that bring the total weight of the machine to almost six tons!

An electric monster

This Tesla probably won’t shy away from thinking outside the box. On the other hand, expect to have to sacrifice a little autonomy with such equipment…

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