The Tesla will become real gaming consoles with the Christmas update

Every year, Tesla offers a Christmas update to its customers. This year it includes the integration of Steam in Model S and Model X. This new version of the software brings many other features, including one that is expected by many customers.

As we know, Tesla updates the software of its cars very often, while the brand was one of the first to adopt remote OTA (Over-The-Air) updates. A very practical feature that allows customers to benefit from many improvements and fixes without having to visit a workshop. In October last year, the brand had notably developed fast charging and other features in its cars via an update Over-The-Air.

A long-awaited feature

At the end of the year, Elon Musk’s brand is back in the news with the new update known as “holiday update” or more soberly “2022.44.25”. And like every year, this dish is full of news.

The most important, and probably the most anticipated by the manufacturer’s fans, is the arrival of the Steam catalog. A feature that Elon Musk promised last July and which was originally supposed to see the light of day in August. As you can imagine, in the end it didn’t happen. But this time it’s the right one.

Only available on Model S (2021) and Model X (2021), according to the site Electrek, this new feature then theoretically allows you to enjoy many games on the platform dedicated to games. An integration, formalized by Tesla in a Youtube video, made possible by the integration of the super powerful AMD Ryzen chip, which also equips the European Model 3 and Model Y. So it is quite likely that the smaller electric sedan and SUV will also be able to enjoy Steam over the next few months.

Until then, it was already possible to play video games in the brand’s vehicles, but only those offered by the Tesla Arcade catalog. At the time, they were very light programs, with relatively little detailed graphics and with a gameplay that was not necessarily the most elaborate. For now, this is only a beta version of steambut this will allow you to play some successful games like Cyberpunk 2077 that Elon Musk had already mentioned.

The catalog is therefore now directly accessible via the touch screen from the large sedan and the SUV to the folding doors. All you have to do is go to the application menu and select Steam. Thanks to the increased power of the infotainment system, in the order of 10 TeraFLOPS, it will then be possible to download several games simultaneously while enjoying real fluidity and advanced graphics. As we note later, the big year-end also brings support for Bluetooth controllers and keyboards.

Many improvements

You can imagine that this is not the only change that the brand’s engineers have made to Tesla models. As we mentioned last October, this Christmas update also marks the return of a long-lost but much-loved feature: consumption and tire pressure monitoring directly on the main interface. That’s obviously not all, because it’s now also possible to listen to your favorite songs on Apple Music, now integrated in the brand’s vehicles. A feature that is also available from Audi since the beginning of the year.

As described on the website Not a Tesla apphave other changes been made, such as addition of Mahjong games (not available in France) or even an improvement of the dog condition, which now allows you to monitor the inside of the car thanks to the cameras. If this update also allows conferences on Zoom, as the brand had already mentioned last November, this functionality will not be available in France.

This is also the case with other improvements, such as the programming of the light show or the rainbow route in autopilot mode. On the other hand, the automatic switching off of the indicators at the end of an overhaul as well as the search for a telephone contact directly on the touch screen are available with us.

View the cabin camera from the Tesla app while using Dog Mode or Sentry Mode to keep an eye on your pup 🐶

—Tesla (@Tesla) 13 December 2022

Finally, let us also mention the case Bluetooth connection to controllers the game as well as Track mode, intended for use on the pitch. This allows you to configure the car for the circuit and display certain information such as tire pressure or battery status.

This update, as the name suggests, will be available around the holiday season. Tesla nevertheless indicates that it has already begun to be implemented.

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