This cybertruck-inspired Tesla bike called Model M is straight out of the Tron movies

A two-wheeler designer has dreamed up an electric motorcycle inspired by cafe racers that reflects electric vehicle giant Tesla’s vision of an eco-friendly mode of personal transportation. The futuristic e-bike concept inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck will capture the imagination of car enthusiasts.

Designer Victor Rodriguez Gomez created the Model M (M for Motorcycle) electric bike inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. Yankodesign reported it. The Model M bike, which looks more than a bit like the Cybertruck, is designed for city dwellers who like to take weekend trips in the quiet hills. The forward leaning position of the bike is inspired by cafe racers, while the presence of geometric lines is inspired by architectural trends.

A look at the Model M reveals it’s as futuristic as ever, with a distinct Tron aura. A sleek horizontal LED strip-style headlight, inspired by Cybertruck, adorns the Tesla.

the front of the motorcycle. A bulky but sharp middle piece carries the battery, motor and all the other internals that complement it. The rear side of the e-bike is completed with an LED rear light and an integrated charging socket.

Since the Model M is designed for cramped urban environments, it is entirely appropriate to opt for a removable handlebar. The electronic stand makes parking the vehicle simple and hassle-free. When it comes to off-road adventures, the Tesla Model M offers the best. There’s a removable bag with its own battery that powers the lights and infotainment system just in place of the standard bike’s fuel tank.

The bag has its own start/stop system, which functions as an anti-theft device.

The futuristic look of the ultra-cool e-bike is reflected in the hubless wheels, which are similar to the steel gray color of the Cybertruck. Those headlights, the swingarm and the seat all have a menacing attitude that goes wonderfully well with the overall design of the bike. The translucent digital screen, which continues the futuristic theme, displays the current speed as well as a real-time map for better navigation.

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