Most animals only dream of finding a family. This is not the case for this puppy who has been returned to his shelter eleven times.

Sad record for France

The shelters are overflowing with a variety of animals. There are dogs, cats, but also NAC or new pets. Unfortunately, this overcrowding is the reason for the many abandonments that take place each year. It actually turns out that France is one of the countries that leaves the most animals behind.

Europe also points the finger at this problem. In all circumstances, SPA is doing its best to raise awareness among the population to adopt them. Usually, shelters are only there to protect them while they find a new family. But a story is going to disrupt this pre-established order. It is the one of this puppy several times brought back to its refuge.

This puppy with a moving story

The story begins at the Animal Association of Charleston, South Carolina. The shelter was desperately trying to find a home for this puppy named Gumby. The problem is that several families had already taken him back there after having him for a few weeks.. In reality, the concern came not from the families themselves, but from Gumby.

Take effect, the latter tended to run away. Every time we found him a new home, the little puppy always managed to get away. Fortunately, the association’s staff always managed to find him. Then it was from the 11th time that the latter understood what was happening.

Gumby: this puppy attached to his shelter

Apparently the families couldn’t stand little Gumby running away all the time. However, the shelter had warned some about this problem, but he always managed to escape. Besides, his maximum stay in an adoptive family is 4 months. For the others it was 2 weeks or even a few days. In reality, Gumby escaped only to return to the shelter.

It was the only place where the little one felt good. Also, when he was there, this puppy no longer tried to run away. Finally, the association realized this connection. So they took him out for adoption. From now on, Gumby is one of the active members of this associationand acts as a support dog for others.