tips to preserve the battery

Batteries are essential parts of your electric car. Temperature is the most important factor in the deterioration of batteries used in electric cars. Secondly, the level of battery charge and exposure to severe temperatures also has a significant impact on battery life. Let’s dwell a little more on this last factor.

The impact of temperature on battery life

When the temperature drops too low, a vehicle’s performance tends to go down as well. The battery is the main source of concern when it comes to cars, especially electric ones.

A study by the American Automobile Association, carried out on five different models, showed that when the temperature was -6°C and the heating was on, cars’ range was reduced by an average of 41% . The batteries “numbed” by the cold, undermined by the energy demand required by the heating, are singled out.

Minimize exposure to heat

The risk arises when the vehicle is left unplugged and subjected to extremely high temperatures. By installing an automated temperature management system in your electric vehicle, you will avoid unnecessarily draining your batteries to maintain an optimal temperature of the battery pack and thus maximize performance.

Additionally, you need to ensure that a stable temperature range is maintained when the vehicle is in operation in any manner.

Minimize batteries to 100% state of charge

Electric vehicles are already equipped with a battery management system, which prevents the batteries from being charged and discharged when they are in an extremely high or low state of charge. Maintain a full battery charge, from zero to one hundred percent, is another way to increase the performance and longevity of your car’s battery.

Even though a full charge will allow you to use the device for as long as possible, it is never a good idea to do so for the purpose of increasing the overall longevity of the battery.

Avoid using fast charging

The use of a fast charging system is very handy if your batteries are about to reach 5%. However, since this system draws a large amount of current from the batteries in a very short time, it puts a strain on them and discharges them faster.

Compared to eight years of using fast charging, eight years of using normal charging will give you ten percent more battery life. And this, despite the fact that its degradation is difficult to discern.

Check the optimal state of charge of the battery during a long immobilization

The battery life of electric vehicles will be reduced if the vehicle is parked with a full or empty battery. Invest in a timed charger and leave your EV plugged in if you don’t plan on using it much or have a long trip planned.

If you leave your car fully charged while parked in one place for an extended period of time, it will be difficult for the battery to maintain its current charge level while you are away. One tactic is to configure the magazine to hold the charge just above the low threshold, rather than filling it to its maximum capacity, with an average charge level between 25 and 75%.

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