Togo affair trade: how to explain state neutrality

In the trade case – several billion FCFA are at stake – many do not understand why the competent authorities do not react so that the collected funds are returned to the victims.

Member of Parliament Gerry Taama Komandega once again raised the issue of victims of trading companies, with several tens of billions of FCFA in sight, which have gone to unknown destinations.

This Monday, December 26, 2022, when the matter resurfaced, we understand that there will be no solution from the state.

“It is the second year in a row that I have asked the finance minister about the fate of the victims of trading companies. The answer does not change. This system is considered informal without guarantee system. As a result, the state has no opportunity to intervene. The only remaining solution is to go through the legal process individually,” explains the president of the New Togolese Commitment (NET).

And to continue: “When I tried to tell some people that no economic model allowed for gains of about 300 to 400%, I was considered an enemy of progress. What is unfortunate in this story is that some really have enriched themselves, the time to pressure the others, and laments that “the naivety of some of our countrymen” led them to invest the few resources they have in things without a future.

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