If you are the happy “owner” of a cat, you have probably noticed that these little beasts have their own character and stick to their little habits. So over time you have learned to respect certain customs so that his life will be as sweet as possible, because otherwise he pees on the curtains and scratches the sofa anyway. We will see together the strange reflexes of cat owners, those who have understood the subtlety of all these animals: it is not because they do not have a cat at home, it is they who live with their cat.

Put away everything in the apartment before going to bed

Anything on the ground or within paws’ reach is potential game that will satisfy your pet at three in the morning when everyone is asleep, but he’s decided it’s time to knock over that drink. water or roll the pen around at full speed. the living room. Take a look at the statements about mental stress related to the cat, you will understand better.

Turns to his partner since he just woke you up in the night to find out who’s going to take care of it

Young parents share this state of half-asleep that those who own a cat experience: this moment when we wake up in the middle of the night because he wants to go out, eat, drink or simply wake us up to make us shit because in thirty seconds he will already be back in bed sleeping as if nothing had happened.

Stop closing the doors to the rooms in your home

If your cat is anything like mine, he probably has what I’ve called “closed door syndrome.” That is, as soon as a door is not opened, he will meow, scratch, fall to the ground in despair like a bad actor until you open it. And when you open the door he won’t even go into the room you just left, he’ll just be a little happy and go back to bed.

Place bowls of water everywhere so he can hydrate

While he prefers to drink from a puddle on the balcony, from the cup under the plants or directly from the toilet, since anyway a cat always prefers to use something that is not his to replace something you buy from him, which does exactly the same thing.

Learned to sleep soundly when he decided we were his mattress for the next six years

One day he’s not screwed up like any other, he’ll probably come and lay between your legs, or even on one of your legs (unless you’ve trained him to close the bedroom door and your cat isn’t affected by the “closed door- disorder” mentioned earlier). And if you lose that battle on the first night, he might start to like that place and come back for months to keep you from moving at night and keep your blood flowing at the same time. Other than that, I promise he likes you.

Put ALL your plants high

To fully understand the relationship between plants and cats, one must imagine that plants are one play station 5 and the cat a big fan of video games. Now imagine that this video game fan has taken enough drugs to believe that the PS5 wants his life and that the only way out of this mess is to tear it apart and blow it up.

NEVER leave food unattended for more than five seconds

You’re cooking quietly and you have to go to the bathroom or answer the phone, so you’re about to leave the meat you were cutting unattended. A true connoisseur of cats knows that it is mandatory to hide food in the refrigerator or any other place that is impossible for the animal to reach, even if it is only for ten seconds.

Always discard or put away boxes and paper bags

Maybe it’s just my cat doing it, and at that moment he’s still very stupid, but as soon as an empty box is placed on the ground or a paper bag stands for two minutes, he starts eating it. bits all over the floor to cut your teeth, it’s possible; or piss me off, that’s more likely.

Do not leave clothes lying around

When summer rolls around and the little bugger starts shedding more hair than you’ll find in a beautician’s bin, you’ll be pretty glad you didn’t leave that little top, black pants, or cotton sweater behind. Kashmir to find it in Chewbacca mode early in the morning.

Don’t make too much noise during the day (and vacuum when you’re awake)

For the simple and good reason that your cat sleeps during the day and when he sleeps, don’t disturb him or he will make you pay for it at night. So we leave him alone and we wait until he wakes up to handle the suction or he goes into cardiac arrest. I only have the vacuum once a year when my partner takes him to the vet to make sure not to disturb him.

Otherwise, I advise you to go and see the differences between city and country cats, not the same delirium at all.