Top 12 amazing things Elon Musk did in 2022, it was his year

Ah Elon Musk, this infamous mix between a billionaire, an internet troll and a dangerous megalomaniac. The guy is scary and has an aura of super villain, but the good thing about him is that you never get bored. Every week he brings us a different madness and we can say that in 2022 he has not been idle at all when it comes to bullshit. As a result, without too much trouble, I was able to give you a month-by-month peak of his weapon exploits. This guy is incomparable.

January: Elon Musk would pay a 19-year-old guy $5,000 to shut down his Twitter account

The Twitter account called @ElonJet tracked (and still tracks) all of Elon Musk’s private jet trips, and so much to say that he does a lot (too much) of the trips. Inevitably, as the climate is currently going down the drain, it’s a task, and Elon Musk didn’t like to be shown that way. He therefore offered the owner of the account the sum of $5,000 to delete it. Of course, the 19-year-old asked 10 times as much, because it’s a bit of a stretch to offer $5,000 when you have hundreds of billions in your pocket, but Elon refused. Bit stingy, dude.

February: we learned that his company Neuralink mistreated monkeys

Neuralink is based on an idea that is both terrifying and perhaps life-saving: implanting chips in human brains to remotely control equipment. On the one hand, we can’t help but think “but it’s Black Mirror oukoi?? », and on the other hand, we admit that it can help paralyzed people, which is pretty cool. But the really bad thing is that Neuralink has been experimenting with monkeys and apparently many have suffered martyrdom and several of them have died. Helping people is cool, but killing poor monkeys is not.

March: Elon named his daughter Exa Dark Sidereal

He and his partner had this child secretly and decided to give him this first name that reeks of interstellar travel. Honestly, after its big brother, which is called X Æ A-12, it is almost easy to wear.

Note that in March Elon Musk still did something good: he helped the Ukrainians fight the Russian invasion thanks to his network of satellites. You can’t blame him for everything either.

April: Elon Musk announces that he wants to buy Twitter

We knew he actually had the $40 billion needed to take over the platform, so that scared us all a little. Why ? Because a megalomaniac guy like Elon Musk who owns a platform on which every politician on the planet expresses himself is dangerous. The guy could establish his own rules and favor some of them to make friends in high places who will then favor his projects (like implanting chips in human brains). Can you see the delirium?

May: Elon Musk suspends his offer to buy Twitter

I’m not going to lie to you, at the time I didn’t fully understand. If I believe the papers of the time, he wanted us to give him more information about the fake accounts that the platform hosts (because the more fake accounts there are, of course, the less valuable it is.) In short, let’s not dwell by. on it.

June: Elon Musk wanted to fire 1 in 10 Tesla employees

While the box employed nearly 100,000 people, Elon had a “bad feeling” about the economic future and wanted to reduce his workforce by 10%. It must be a pity to be fired because of a bad feeling from the boss. Well, in the end he apparently just froze the hiring, but it still hurts ass.

July: Elon Musk gave up on the takeover of Twitter

Here I didn’t really understand why, but coming from the future, I can tell that there will still be twists and turns in this affair.

August: he called for more babies and consuming more gas and oil

If you didn’t know that Elon Musk didn’t care about the environment, at least you do now.

Come on, two for the price of one: Elon Musk also tweeted to say he wanted to buy Manchester United before backtracking and saying it was a joke. This guy is super funny.

September: Elon Musk criticized the series “The Rings of Power” for strange reasons

In two tweets, the Tesla boss assumed that “Tolkien must have turned in his grave” then claimed that the male characters in the show were all either cowards or fools, and that the only brave and kind character was Galadriel, a woman. Basically what bothers him about the series Lord of the Rings, it is above all that women are better than men. Kind of silly of him when he could have just told the truth: this series is dead boring.

October: Elon Musk bought Twitter and formalized his first rotten project

See, our worst nightmare has come true. The guy finally bought Twitter and decided his first step would be to get official accounts paying $20 a month. A man of genius.

November: Elon Musk got certified accounts paid and fired a good portion of the workforce from Twitter

Big month for Elon, who started by destroying the principle of the famous blue dot that makes it possible to make certified accounts visible by making it paid out at $8 a month and available to all those willing to spend the money. Later that month, he simply fired important people from the treasury, before presenting a dilemma to the employees: Either they agree to work like crazy or they go broke. Surprisingly, many chose to find a new job, putting the platform at risk. Manager of the year.

As a bonus, you should know that good old Elon simply decided to tweet by posting a picture of his nightstand. The answers are magical.

December: Elon Musk buys Christmas back

Damn it.

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