Twitter according to Elon Musk: pub and blue macaroons at 8 dollars by Maxime Sirvins

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P open to the people! » After his takeover of Twitter for 44 billion dollars, Elon Musk announced many changes. The blue certification badge, awarded to public figures, currently allows official accounts to be identified at a glance.

The entrepreneur – in addition to the massive layoffs within the company’s workforce – now wants to integrate this certification into a paid formula and highlight the accounts concerned. But for the Digital Service Act – a series of legal tools validated a week ago by the European Union – the highlighting of messages “for remuneration” is considered advertising. These tools also prohibit advertising by anonymous profiles. But the billionaire wants to allow all the usersnickname or name, to have access to this offer.

The French legislation may also pose a problem. On the website of the Ministry of the Interior, it is explained that the electoral code “prohibits the use for election propaganda purposes of any commercial advertising process” during the six months preceding an election. Many points which will therefore have to be examined by Twitter but also by the various institutions concerned, which may be forced to adapt.

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