Twitter: Elon Musk turns deserted offices into dormitories for his employees!

In today’s latest move, Elon Musk appears to be planning a rather surprising remodel of Twitter’s offices on Market Street in San Francisco, the company’s headquarters.

How to make empty offices profitable!

Since the mass departure of the employees, some areas are actually unoccupied. With his vision extremely hardcore of the work that needs to be done to save the social network, he actually intends to convert to dormitories for his employees – finally those who remain.

It was when they returned from the weekend, on Monday morning, that employees were surprised to discover some offices converted into bedrooms with a few beds and bedside tables (and slippers?). Apparently, the idea of ​​a Twitter village like an iPhone town would have pleased the new CEO.

A not-so-legal operation…

According to Forbes, no communication or discussions were made in advance with the employees. Some even mention, with good reason, another tacit sign of disrespect. There is no discussion.

Nevertheless, an investigation was initiated by the Department of Building Inspection in San Francisco to verify the reality and conformity of such procedure. In fact, office buildings are not designed to receive premises for this purpose. Such a change of destination can only be made following a specific procedure.

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