Twitter: Jack Dorsey summoned by Elon Musk to send him a series of documents

The legal drama continues. Elon Musk has served ex-Twitter boss Jack Dorsey with an injunction to provide a whole series of documents as part of the battle he launched to extricate himself from the company’s $ 44 billion takeover deal. social network.

According to documents made public on Monday, the co-founder of Twitter and friend of the boss of Tesla received an injunction to give him any files or communications related to the acquisition agreement reached in April. Any information about fake accounts or how Twitter calculates the number of its active users is also affected. All documents available on these subjects at Jack Dorsey since January 2019 are concerned.

Battle over fake accounts

Elon Musk and Twitter have been waging a legal battle since July following the billionaire’s withdrawal from the social network’s takeover agreement. Twitter took the billionaire to court in mid-July, accusing him of failing to meet his obligations and damaging the company’s reputation. Elon Musk then counterattacked, claiming to have been “fooled” by the social network on the number of fake accounts.

He even claimed that the social network had “frauded” by voluntarily increasing the number of monetizable accounts. The social network, he says that spam accounts for less than 5% of users.

Trial preparation

Since Elon Musk’s withdrawal from the Twitter takeover agreement, dozens of personalities, banks and investment funds have been subpoenaed by both parties, according to the Bloomberg agency. And this, to gather elements for the trial which should open on October 17 and last five days.

In mid-August, Elon Musk’s lawyers scored a partial victory. The Delaware court in charge of the case has indeed summoned Kayvon Beykpour, former product manager of the social network, and Bruce Falck, former revenue manager, to send them a series of documents.

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