Twitter: the latest news announced by Elon Musk

(ETX Daily Up) – Changes are still happening on Twitter. Elon Musk definitely continues to shake up the social network to launch his “Twitter 2.0”. Between the increase in the price of certification, the change in the number of characters for a tweet and the implementation of community notes, here are the latest news announced by the new head of the social network.

Suspended for a while, account certification is finally back on Twitter, this Monday, December 12, 2022. The social network has announced the resumption of paid subscriptions, Twitter Blue, which provides access to account certification. This announcement is accompanied by another news: the increase in the price of the subscription for Apple devices. If the price of $8 per month remains unchanged when subscribing via a computer, users of the Apple brand will have to pay $11 per month for the same functionality. This is the direct consequence of Apple’s 30% commission policy on purchases made in iOS applications. A point that Elon Musk condemned by defining it as “a secret 30% tax” and which the tycoon decided to act against by simply increasing his prices on iOS devices.

In addition to earning their blue badge, users with Twitter Blue can edit their tweets, upload longer videos in high quality (1080p), or even switch to “reader mode,” a feature that allows you to read threads in a single text. They will also have priority access to new features and will be featured in comments, mentions and searches. Their subscription should also make it possible to see 50% fewer ads on the application.

They can also change their name, description and profile picture, but will lose their certified badge while their account is verified to prevent identity theft. To strengthen controls, users must also authenticate their phone number.

In addition to the certification, Elon Musk announced a major change in tweets, and it is! Limited to 280 characters, tweets can now include 4,000! The already lingering rumors were finally confirmed by Elon Musk himself in a very short tweet. However, if the unofficial announcement was made, neither Twitter nor Elon Musk mentioned the exact date of this change.

Finally, the platform announced the rollout of Community Notes. This feature allows Twitter users to comment on tweets to add context and thus improve their understanding or even denounce their misleading nature. If a note is deemed useful by a majority of contributors, the latter will then appear publicly in the tweet. A feature that takes up the concept of “Birdwatch” to counter the spread of false information on Twitter.

From now on, these contributions will be visible to all users of the platform, but only Americans will be able to contribute by creating their notes. The little bird’s social network indicated that other regions would soon be able to experiment with this feature in turn, without providing more details.

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