Two Franprix stores are said to have continued sales of Buitoni pizzas affected by a massive recall

Two stores of the Franprix brand continued to sell pizzas from the Fraich’Up range of Buitoni, yet affected by a product withdrawal procedure for more than three months, RMC revealed on Tuesday June 14. After the revelations, the group reacted by assuring “recheck within 48 hours” all of its stores.

This is Richard Legrand, a lawyer representing the families of victims who filed a complaint against Buitoni (Nestlé group) because of contamination with the bacteria E.coli of industrial pizzas of the brand, which was alerted, explains RMC. One of the stores continuing to sell pizza affected by a product recall since March 18 is located “very close to the Champs-Élysées”the other “in the heart of Paris”depending on the medium.

Manslaughter investigation

In a press release, Franprix accused the managers of the two stores of not having “didn’t follow procedure” of recall and of being “passed over the [mesures de] security measures put in place ». “They committed a gross fault that we strongly condemn”reprimands the sign again.

She assures that she will take “Sanctions commensurate with the gravity of the situation” and that it deployed a device of “visual verification in 100% of stores”which will all be “rechecked within 48 hours” to ensure that the recall procedure is followed. “In cases where stores are identified, the goods must be destroyed immediately, and sanctions will be taken against the managers”says Franprix, which is part of the Casino group alongside brands such as Géant, Monoprix, Vival or Naturalia.

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Buitoni pizzas are suspected of having caused the death of two children, and a judicial investigation has been opened in particular for involuntary homicide against one person, involuntary injuries concerning fourteen people, placing on the market of a dangerous product for health and endangering others.

In total, “56 cases, including two deceased children, were infected with bacteria sharing the same characteristics”and investigations have “confirmed a link between the occurrence of these grouped cases of infection and the consumption of frozen pizzas from the Buitoni brand Fraîch’Up range”according to health authorities.

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