Upper Loire. They rescue Théa, a young dog destined for a medical laboratory

Geoffrey, how did you find Thea?

“My partner Camille and I wanted a dog as a pet. By searching the web and on a famous ad site, we found Théa, who was breeding near Valence (Drôme). During our telephone conversation, the breeder explained to us his serious health problem with his eye (see elsewhere). »

“1h30 drive to pick it up”

Why were you looking for her?

“The breeder was ready: either we took her under our protection or she was destined to end up in a medical laboratory. So we drove an hour and a half to pick her up. The breeder only charged us for her vaccination and chipping costs. We took it consciously.”

Then what happened ?

“We took him to a vet we knew in Saint-Genest-Malifaux (Loire). This is where we were referred to the Cerisioz veterinary clinic in Saint-Priest (Rhône). The vet stressed the urgency of an operation on his eye at the risk of seeing it disappear. There were two surgeries that went well. Today our Jack Russell is cured and has a nice silicone ball eye. »

“Thea is part of our family…”

This must have a significant financial cost?

“We could have thought so. But in total we manage with anti-rejection agents around 1,000 euros. In addition, of course, there is a follow-up for at least two years. Honestly, we don’t regret our action at all. Théa is part of our family and since happiness never comes alone, we expect a happy event in the coming days. For us, there is no doubt that December 2022 is a real Christmas story. »

A very rare anomaly

The medical judgment of veterinary ophthalmologist Davy Biancamaria at the Cerisioz clinic in Saint-Priest

The diagnosis was severe glaucoma, due to the absence of the crystalline (the inner lens of the eye), which had not formed during fetal life. This is a very rare anomaly whose exact mechanism is not known. The scientific term is “congenital aphakia”.

In Théa’s case, the surgery performed led to the injection of a silicone sphere (measured in comparison with the healthy eye) to preserve a round globe. She will be able to keep this marble for life, and should no longer feel pain.

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