VE: big reminder for the Mustang Mach-E and soon for Tesla’s Autopilot?

Since yesterday, Ford has banned its dealers from selling Mustang Mach-Es. In question, a problem with the high voltage battery connectors, which could overheat and possibly prevent the car from moving forward – but there would be no particular risk for the passengers. About 50,000 vehicles will be recalled, probably also in Europe, just to make the necessary changes. Ford says the recall is primarily preventative, as no safety agency has found any major issues with these vehicles.

VE: big recall for the Mustang Mach-E and soon for Tesla's Autopilot?

The recall could be more serious for Tesla, which faces a worrying report from the notorious NHTSA, the US road safety agency. After an investigation into about fifteen accidents involving the Autopilot and above all, vehicles having struck emergency vehicles and personnel located on the hard shoulder, the conclusions show that the Autopilot would have been deactivated less than one second before impact. Clearly, the pilot would not have had time to take control while Tesla can thus clear himself of having activated the system at the time of the accident. This could perhaps explain the recent problems of a Parisian taxi in a Tesla Model 3 which was driving at full speed, before hitting street furniture. Tesla is also still under investigation for phantom brakingwhich Tesla users know well, but whose manufacturer is struggling to explain the causes and above all, to find an effective countermeasure.

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