VIDEO. An orangutan violently grabs a man and pulls him against his cage

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A viral video shows a caged orangutan trying to grab a man and nearly breaking his leg. The victim would have entered a prohibited area and approached too close to the great ape.

A nice scare. A video circulating on social media and likely shot in the Kasang Kulim zoo in Indonesia shows a man being grabbed in the leg by an orangutan.

In the excerpt, the great ape first grabs the visitor’s T-shirt, before bringing it back against its cage. He then grabs her leg, nearly breaking it. “No no no !” can we hear the man shouting.

According to several local media, the man would have climbed a barrier in order to get closer to the animal. He would have entered a prohibited area, ignoring the warning signs in the hope of shooting a video closer to the orangutan.

Usually docile

According to the UK site lad bible, the zoo official believes the man kicked the ape before filming his video. The animal would usually be “docile”, he says.

always according to lad bible, the visitor would have managed to escape the embrace of the monkey, leaving without scratches, as well as the animal. The man “apologizes” to the zoo for climbing over the fence and posting this video,” he said.

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