Video: Arguments between a hunter and an anti-hunter about the regulation of the fox.

A little over a week ago, our colleagues from the newspaper 20 minutes published an article about the regulation of fox populations in our countryside entitled: ” Hunting: Are foxes (really) so numerous in France that it would be justified to “regulate their populations”?“. This article was supported by a video from the newspaper Brut, a 20-minute partner, which featured Mr. Jean-Michel Dapvril, deputy director of legal affairs at the National Federation of Hunters and Mrs. Ariane Ambrosini, lawyer with the Association for the protection of wild animals.

In this video, Mr. Dapvril lists the various arguments that justify the classification of the fox in ESOD (species likely to cause damage) and its regulation by the actors of the hunting world. His main remarks relate to the super predator status of the fox and the total absence, apart from hunters, of wild species to regulate it. Faced with this common sense, the anti-hunting activist is quickly forced into sentimentalist considerations on the ” pleasure of killing of the hunter and the suffering useless of the animal. Watch this video to see the irreconcilable positions of hunters and animalists:

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